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Is Facebook “so last year”?

Italiano: presento due articoli che mi sono stati passati da Miriam e dal prof. Buhalis. Sono entrambi su social networks e in particolare su Facebook. Il fenomeno del web2.0 e dei social network mi pare ancora lontano dal poter essere compreso fino in fondo e sistematizzato.

I have spent all the Sunday afternoon looking for some interesting scientific articles about the evolution of travel communities, social networks and so on. Few things come up. So I decide to come back to something that really intrigued me.

Here there are two interesting articles:

The first one is from Campaing (thx to Miriam) where Russel Davies states that Facebook is “so last year” and proposes two quite new social network: (image bookmarking) and (community for business travelers).
–> Download article (pdf)

The second is from “the Guardian” (thx to prof. Buhalis ) and it describes Facebook as the Big Brother.
–>Link to the article

I am wondering if: the web2.0 is too fast to be “caught” or it is simply a trend effects? If it is a trend effects is it possible to understand what the keys success factors are? If it is not a trend factor, how it is moving?

More links:

Russel Davies Blog
– Look for me on Facebook!!!!

– WAYN – where are you now: just enrolled today


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  1. airiins #

    ciao zingaro!
    ma che brutto questo blog…

    January 28, 2008

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