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Who is contributing to web2.0 applications?

I was looking on the web for a proper answer to this question…that’s what I have found.
It is more than expected and it is very interesting.

Check out this interesting blog article about Wikipedia:

This is an article written on Raw Thoughtlast updated July 18, 2006– , a blog by Aaron Swartz. Swartz reports some statement by Jimbo Wales, the face of Wikipedia:

[…] Wales decided to run a simple study to find out: he counted who made the most edits to the site. “I expected to find something like an 80-20 rule: 80% of the work being done by 20% of the users, just because that seems to come up a lot. But it’s actually much, much tighter than that: it turns out over 50% of all the edits are done by just .7% of the users … 524 people. … And in fact the most active 2%, which is 1400 people, have done 73.4% of all the edits.” The remaining 25% of edits, he said, were from “people who [are] contributing … a minor change of a fact or a minor spelling fix … or something like that.” […]

Read the entire post >>

So, it seems that there is a rush for designing and building web2.0 applications, in order to let everyone contribute to the community knowledge and also in the companies…wikis seems to be the answer to the general company problems.

But the question is: who is really contributing? Why s/he is contributing to the collective knowledge?
Do I care of what my desk neighbor is writing on the corporate wiki? And so on…

I am not destroying web2.0 -and namely the wikis-, I really love this kind of “new” world…I am trying to be a blogger J

I am just saying that maybe sometimes before rushing it would be better to start thinking a little bit.


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