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7th eTourism Future Forum – Twitter Stream part2


– Wirelless and Wimax Technologies -> Vassilis Argyroulis (METIS): The iSet service and project

– i-set project -> www.iset-project.ue

iset pilot study will be run in 4 countries (25 hotel per country)

– evaluation of tool/ content is critical. But the point of the project is Location Based Services

– Ricardo Goncalves (Delloitte): iSet – integrated suite for eTourism

– Deloitte identifies some tourism trends: Globalization, Customer Experience, Emerging Market…

– … Privacy and security, Human assets, New role of technology, Environment, Airlines

Luca Pistidda (BU): Wireless services and WiMAX for destinations

– Location Based Services, application on WiMax technologies for destinations- differences among 1g, 2g, 3g and 4g technologies

– Tourism is a good place to test these technologies because it is an information intensive domain. iPhone as good example of technology convergence.

push/pull services: push services could be much more valuable but they are more expensive

– WiMAX: standard that it is supposed to edliver connectivity up to 30 miles, more than 7 Mbites/second, user roaming…



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