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7th eTourism Future Forum – Twitter Stream part3

Second day of eTourism Future Forum. Here my Twitter Stream


– Gilbert Archdale (Consultant): Challenges and failures in Destination Management Systems

– …(tandem) then the DMO chose the information needed. hoteliers need this content on their web site

– Roman is going showing an online demo of one system built in his university: attraction and activities put information in a database (ta … …

– Roman Egger (Salzburg University of applied Sciences): Restructuring the Destination Network Concept

– Discussion about web2.0, semantic web, reservation systems, and data standards

– 3rd rule for Destination Management System(DMS): Facilitate Distribution

– 2nd rule for Destination Management System(DMS): engage, e-enable and animate the providers

– 1st rule for Destination Management System(DMS): Create a central rich and accurate repository of tourism product

– Richard Veal (New Mind): Innovations in Destination Management Systems

– Rescheduling: coffee break

– Although the economic transaction are not internal in the VB websites, they generates revenue by suggesting hotels to users

– Web2.0 application can also be distributors and the content may be integrated in the VB site and vice versa

– VB has different distribution channel. One of them (one of the newest) is satellite navigation. You can download POI for the TomTom SN.

– 60-70 organizations are providing content to VisitBritain.

– VB is integrating User Generated Contents in order to take advantage from the web2.0

– 4 main marketing strategies for VisitBritain: high quality content, easy of use, design and branding, search and commerce

– 2nd day of the 7th eTourism Future Forum: Andrew Daines (VisitBritain): Online marketing services for the future


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