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7th eTourism Future Forum – Twitter Stream part4


-end of the forum!Let’s see next year!

– The four big travel agencies are losing market share online..what the hell are tour operator doing??? 🙂 graet Roberto!!!!

 Roberto is giving an overview about the emerging online travel business models about

– Last 7th eTourism Future Forum presentation: Roberto Daniele (Oxford Brookes): Emerging Business models for distriburion channels

 – Online Arena is the main important thing also for GDS…they are adapting themselves

 – no pictures for the speaker! 🙂

– GDS -> Gloabl Distribution System 😀

 – 7th eTourism Future Forum last session Riyam Ghandour : The GDS challenge

– Now Matt Jerwood (Wayn) explained the what is WAYN (where are you now?) and it is outlinening the mobile projects of WAYN

– Now Matt Jerwood (Wayn): Mobile applications in tourism

 – My presentation about eTreasure has been ok!



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