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ENTER2009 – First Impressions

Strange. ENTER2009 is strange.

Dimitrios arranged the programme and seems to me great. Lots of interesting keynotes and both the programs (I’ve been only to the Research Track but Lorenzo and Elena went to the other tracks), seems really interesting.

So far so good.

Besides, some things are really annoying me: there is NO WIRELESS at the conference centre, there is no wireless in my hotel (and besides no breakfast) and so on. The “bad” things are a lot (it is strange because last years have been great).

In any case, I’ve meet lots of interesting people and some friends from the previous conferences, and today I’ve presented my first (out of three) paper. The presentation has been not so good. My performance has been worst than usual (although Roberto, Rodolfo, Edo and other friend were almost satisfied).

Here there are the slides from today


I will upload some picture tomorrow night…at least I need something to do (pictures) without the wireless.


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  1. Luca #

    no wireless?
    don’t tell me you went to an internet cafe for posting this :-)))

    January 29, 2009
  2. Michael #

    thank you alessandro for posting your presentation. I also presented at ENTER, a paper about adoption of a destination-wide CRM approach. maybe we can meet once in switzerland. I work in lucerne.

    January 30, 2009

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