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Sorry about that…but there is always a reason why!

My last update of the blog dates April 1st.

Long long time ago.
The thing is that in this period it is really hard to keep the blog up and running because different things are happening and it is really a mess. But this is not a post about complains. It is a quick and dirty “diary” style post. I am looking in my agenda to try to shape these last two weeks.

April 2nd and 3rd: Kiev. We have been to Kiev (Kiev University of Tourism Economics and Law) for a real interesting cooperation project funded by SCOPES. It has been really interesting and useful. We met two possible partners for an interesting research project. The submission is due in a few days. I am confident that the project is really interesting but as all the possibility of research funding it seem (and it is really competitive).

April 4th:

April 7th: I’ve been presenting a research in the “research methods” module of the Master of International Tourism. The research is the evolution of the one presented in Vienna last year. It has been really interesting particularly because of the questions of the students that are starting the master dissertation.

April 9th: dinner at Lugano Casinò. The night was incredible and the lake wonderful.

April 10th morning:
breakfast at hotel Lugano Dante. The best breakfast ever in Lugano and in Switzerland.

April 10th night:
way of the Cross at lake Lugano. The scenario was amazing!!!!

April 13th: Trip to Trieste

April 15th: Project Submission and MCIS deadline (fortunately the MCIS deadline has been postponed to april 30th)

Ok…ok…someone can argue: “This is not a job. This is a description of a kind of holiday”…
This is my answer: “Dear friend, you are right…but I couldn’t mention all the things I am working on. Where it would be the surprise???”

[KUTEL – Kiev]


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