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What a tremendous week !

I hope it would not be my usual behavior, but also this week I am here to summarize what happens in these last days, because…really…blogging is becoming a job ! 🙂

I’ve started last April 21st with a sort of conference on Facebook and social media at the Lugano Communication Forum , where me and Lorenzo where supposed to speak about  social networks in a communicative perspective. Together with him I’ve decided to have a speak about the social networks in tourism ( take this slides only as the beginning of the speak). There were around 40-50 people and seem d to be really interested. Prof. Crestani and Mark spoken about the technology side of the social networks. Anyway, it has been really an interesting experience.

Then the day after we have a seminar with Dr. Dan and prof. Wöber . It has been really nice to see again dr. Dan and to finally meet prof. Wöber. We had a nice chat about their researches and project trying to find a way to do something together.
Dimitrios was also here. We spend a lot of time with him (and as usual it was really nice time!) with seminars, talks, and a trip to Lugano city center during Wednesday night.


The next Thursday thanks to Loredana we went to Gandria for one of the TEFI dinners. Amazing!!!! The atmosphere, the place…really really gorgeous. Finally, friday night I leaved Lugano to go for a while to Einsideln…picture can tell everything about this place.


Finally yesterday I had the last meeting (with presentation of the project) of the Fondazione Carlo Cattaneo wher eTreasure is shortlisted to win a prize.

In sum , it has been really a great week, let’s say…INTENSE!!!! Full of meetings, experiences, and work. I wish I have more of this weeks!


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