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Seed a non profit organization in the field of ICT for Development is  applying for this terrific project: Open Educational Resources on Rural Development via Mobile.

The guys are great, the project seems to be a lot of fun. Here the idea:

The idea is to develop an open source solution allowing access to audio and video educational contents; in particular this tool can help rural radios to improve their programs and services. Rural radios are local radios broadcasting in local languages on issues relevant for the development of the local community, such as health, economy, local culture, agriculture, etc. Rural radios have wide educational impact, especially in Africa. Mobile communication can be a valuable support for rural radios allowing the local community to easily retrieve programs produced at a national level or by other local radios.

They need to be endorsed to get the project! So please go on this website, register and do your best!!! ;-P


>> read also SeedBlog


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