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eTourism Trends 2010

Interesting analysis of prof. Christian Maurer on his blog eTourism BlogoScope.

Here some insights of his interesting post.

  • The online travel market share in Europe will grow despite the economic crisis
  • Travel metasearch websites will become increasingly popular among European Internet users
  • Online media consumption will continue to grow
  • Social media marketing and social commerce will become an integral part in the online marketing mix
  • The need for “advanced analytics”  to provide simulation, prediction, optimization
  • Mobile is moving into the mainstream. The convergence of location-based and social-aware
  • Video conferencing will gain momentum as an alternative to business travel
  • Whole body scanners will become the standard on many airports due to increased threat of terroristic attacks

Finally, prof. Maurer says: “the year 2010 will bring significant changes in terms of online media usage, advertising formats and e-commerce, m-commerce and social commerce activities.”

If you are interested in these and other topics about new media in tourism I will be happy to welcome you to the upcoming ENTER2010 eTourism Horizons conference (Lugano February 10-12).

Kisses& Hugs

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