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Museums, Mobile Devices and Social Media

Second and last day of the confernce “Museums, Mobile Devices and Social Media” @ New Brunswick.

So far, it has been really interesting, although this is not anymore the field where I am working. Lots of presentation took me back to the TEC-CH era (when I was helping as programme Manager with Davide).  In a few hours I have to give my little talk (7 minutes) about “what’s next, changing technologies”… I hope to contribute a little bit!

Among the presentations of yesterday the one who interested me the most was the ones from Nancy Proctor (Smithsonian American Art Museum). She was stressing the fact that the use of new technologies in museums is not at all a “techy techy” issue: at the contrary is a content issue!

Actually it was really strange because of the previous presentation were all about technologies, interfaces, touch technological exhibitions and so on…here a slide from Nancy’s presentation.


Plus, I’ve been hosted by Hyatt Hotel in NewBrunswick and I was really glad to find this gadget in my room…It may be a suggestion for lots of hotels in Europe…



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