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A Day in Philly

Fisrt FULL day in Philly after lots of time…I realized toay that I left Philadelphia last December 2008…long long time ago. Anyway, after a good train trip from New Brunswick I arrived to Philadelphia 30th Street Station and I took a walk to Marife & Kim’s apartment: it was 16 bloks..but it has been nice. Yesterday night I’ve been to the Fat Salmon (719 Walnut Street) with Flo and Iis. Really nice sushi restaurant, nice environment and very tasty sushi. The only “bad” thing about this place is the noise…there were too much people shouting but fortunately we had a very nice table…

Sushi was really good and served originally.


Unfortunately, due to my lactose intolerance i didn’t try the BEANS ICE CREAM!!!!! 🙂


Then today after visiting the new building of the Temple Business School and the amazing new offices of NLTEC lab I’ve been to Fadò (1500 Locust Street), the best pub in town for sport, to watch the Champions League Match Barcelona – Inter Milan…what a stress!!!Tomorrow shopping, beer@Temple and dinner with friends…and a tiny surprise for the ones (Neri’s) who where here with me some times ago… 🙂


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