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ENTER2012 – two paper accepeted

I will participate with two papers in the upcoming ENTER2012 conference in Helsingborg

The first one is titled Destinations Similarity Based on User Generated Pictures’ Tags (written together with Davide Eynard, Elena Marchiori and Leonardo Gentile) will be published on ENTER proceedings.

Here the abstract of the research:

“Pictures about tourism destinations are part of the contents shared online through social media by travellers. Additional pictures information, such as geo-tags and user description of place, can be used to create groups of similar destinations. This paper investigates the possibility of defining destination similarities based on implicit information already shared on the web. was used as a case study as it represents the most popular picture sharing website. Results show the possibility to group similar destinations based on visual components, represented by the contents of the pictures, and the related tag descriptions.”

The second one is titled: New Media in Religious Communication: Supporting WYD Madrid 2011 (written together with Lorenzo Cantoni, Silvia de Ascaniis and Miriam Stefania) will published in the e-journal eRTR (e-Review of Tourism Research).

Here the abstract of the research:

“Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the internet have had, and are having, a major impact on tourism by deeply affecting the pre-, during and post- visit experience, as well as changing the business models. ICT and the internet are also playing an important role in mediating the religious experience (eReligion), yielding a number of experiences, studies as well as official documents within the Christian Catholic Church. This paper presents online communication activities of Word Youth Days (WYD), one of the most important religious youth events. A comparison and analysis is performed from the websites of the last three WYD editions and presents in detail a number activities done by the WYD2011 (Madrid, August 2011) to set-up and increase its online presence and visibility.”

I just would like to thank all my co-authors for the wonderful collaboration.
See you at ENTER!!!

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