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Obermutten, Great Case Study: So What??

From “One of the most successful Facebook campaigns I have seen to date. Obermutten, a small mountain village in Swiss wanted to welcome more tourists so they asked Jung von Matt to create a campaign. They created a Facebook page for the little village and the local mayor made a remarkable promise in the first video posted on the page: Just click on “like,” and your profile picture will be posted on the Commune’s official notice board. In no time at all, the board was completely covered with fans. In order to deal with the flood of inquiries from fans, it was necessary to resort to hang up the profile pictures on barn walls in the village.”

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So what? I want to see what’s next!!!
I would like to know how many night stay this FB campaign has generated, how many daily tourism, how much money for shops…I am tired of “like” “visits” and “fans”… I am even tired of “billions” in advertisement equivalent!!!!!! 🙂

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