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7 artists for Basilicata

Basilicata is one of the unknown BEAUTIFUL Italian southern region. I’ve been there two years ago to visit Matera and its “sassi”. INCREDIBILE.

BUT THIS  is one very nice things they have done recently. Lots of bloggers talked about  that but I am sure that there is more room to underline the outstanding work this guys have done.

My question, as for the Obermutten post remain: so what??? what’s next???
the main video here below in has got 48140 views for a total of 116473 views on 12 videos…Nice…but I mean…

Not sure, but I think that we (also me and  my company) need to think carefully about these social media always asking why and what is the purpose. This experiment is outstanding, the artists have done a wonderful job…but what my clients would ask is: how many rooms more are we going  to sell after that? How many new jobs have you created?

And, sorry for that, with the CRISIS this is something we may take into account.

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