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Can’t wait for ENTER2012

I am going to Helsingborg to attend ENTER2012. It is my 6th ENTER and I am very excited to be again there!!!! ENTER is more than a conference. It is a community of friends that help you to move forward, to think out of the box and to ask always why.

Here the full programme

I will engage with ENTER community presenting 2 papers:

  • New Media in Religious Communication: Supporting WYD Madrid 2011
  • Destinations Similarity Based on User Generated Pictures’ Tags

Furthermore I have been involved by Lorenzo Cantoni in a challenging Panel Session titled:

  • Emotions in the online tourists’ feedback

Where I will try to underline the importance of the Human Factor while talking about web2.0.

ENTER2012 will have:
Streaming video
Twitter Channel (hash tag): #enter2012
Facebook Channel:
Photo Contest (I am keen to win!!!!)

What else? See you there at the most exciting ENTER conference (after the one held in Lugano!!!!) 🙂

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