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I’ve started in 2007…now beanbol changed!

Welcome to my new website!
I’ve opened my first blog in February 2007 as a collaborative project with some friends (check this out ) now, after 5 years I’ve decided to move from a blog style of communication to “website” one. This is due to the fact that in 2007 we had few (!?!?) instruments for online publishing and reading and blog seemed to be a real interesting instruments for communication BUT nowadays with the information and technology overload we are experiencing I do not think that the blog is the correct way to communicate.

This website is more structured and more focused on my actual needs. Anyway I couldn’t let the my blogger soul behind and I created a diary/blog section where I will share my posts about my job, research and whatever.

In any case, feel free to use this web site as you wish…In fact a website is a “self-service product”: you are welcome to download some of my publications, or contact me if you would like to receive more material on my research or teaching. See my detailed CV for a full record of my activities.

[old beanbol -2007]


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