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ENTER2010 FINISHED – we had great time

ENTER2010 is over. The conference lasts 4 days and has been great.

Videos on

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Photos are available on

See you soon in Lugano!


How your event is perceived by users? Who is bookmarking your event page?
This is how users tagged ENTER 2010 website on Delicious !!!

Simply amazing!!!!
And it is done in real time!!!!

Many thanks @Luca and @Davide


eTourism Trends 2010

Interesting analysis of prof. Christian Maurer on his blog eTourism BlogoScope.

Here some insights of his interesting post.

  • The online travel market share in Europe will grow despite the economic crisis
  • Travel metasearch websites will become increasingly popular among European Internet users
  • Online media consumption will continue to grow
  • Social media marketing and social commerce will become an integral part in the online marketing mix
  • The need for “advanced analytics”  to provide simulation, prediction, optimization
  • Mobile is moving into the mainstream. The convergence of location-based and social-aware
  • Video conferencing will gain momentum as an alternative to business travel
  • Whole body scanners will become the standard on many airports due to increased threat of terroristic attacks

Finally, prof. Maurer says: “the year 2010 will bring significant changes in terms of online media usage, advertising formats and e-commerce, m-commerce and social commerce activities.”

If you are interested in these and other topics about new media in tourism I will be happy to welcome you to the upcoming ENTER2010 eTourism Horizons conference (Lugano February 10-12).

Kisses& Hugs

ENTER2010 @ GGD italia

Ecco il post su ENTER2010 sul blog delle Geek Girls >>

Grazie @Ele & @Nad


Baci &Abbracci

La comunicazione online e le sfide per i professionisti del turismo

Pubblicato il programma provvisorio dello Swiss Day in Italiano di ENTER2010.

Lo Swiss Day della conferenza ENTER2010 si terrà il giorno 11 Febbraio 2010.
L’evento (in lingua Italiana) sarà dedicato agli operatori del settore turistico della Svizzera Italiana e della vicina Italia.

Pagina Web dedicata >>

Programma in Pdf >>