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The Lazy Digest (where am I?)

When, after a lecture about online communication and about the importance of content creation, management and updating one of your students asks you: “Why your last blog entry is dated September 06?”…there are no excuses not to update it… 🙂

Due to time constrains (I am on a bus direction Gatwick airport)  I am going to use the “digest form” once again, trying to remember what happened in these last few weeks.

*** TEACHING ***

A new challenging academic year has just started. This first semester I am teaching Marketing and Digital Communication (new name, new content!!) to Leisure& Events Marketing students. I am very excited by the course and by the clients that are working with us:

– Newscom:

– Lanvino:

Students will create for them a marketing communication plan to expand their business into the British market. So far so good. I have extremely positive feelings from this new unit.

*** RESEARCH ***

Besides teaching, my research activity is moving quite fast: together with Carmen  who joined us at BU in August (welcome Carmen!!!) we started to work on Rural Tourism IT Competences’ Framework and on the Life Long Learning Online Course within the project InRuTou. I am also excited to announce that another LLP project has been approved by the EU commission (it was in waiting list): the project name is EuBIKE and I will be working on it with my colleague Kat .

Research collaborations are “up-and-running” with US, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Lithuania and of course UK (hopefully Hong Kong again!). I am very happy about all the interesting people I am working with and about all the interesting papers I am writing.  The biggest news on this side is that the new book (in Italian – with Lorenzo ) “Nuovi Media nella Comunicazione Turistica” has been submitted to the publisher…I hope it will be ready soon.


Last but not least in someone is around and would like o grab a beer (or a cider….that is better for my stomach), in the next few weeks, I will be speaking first at BU ESRC Festival of Learning within the seminar “Online Reputation: Make it or Break it” [THIS FRIDAY ] and then at the first workshop of IFITT Finland… ( so happy to go back there!).

Looking forward, this January I will chair the PhD workshop together with Rodolfo, Marianna and Juho at ENTER 2014 where I am also going to present a paper titled “An Investigation into the Use of Social Media Marketing and Measuring its Effectiveness in the Events Industry” written with my students Emma Sykes.

Stay tuned for more infos!

My Summer 2013 Digest

Summer this year started at the end of the First IFITT Doctoral Summer School (6-9 July 2013).  It has been a great experience. I enjoyed  working with colleagues and friends both for during the organisation of the school and during the actual days at Bournemouth University.

Here couple of resources:

**our foreward to the collection of abstracts – which BTW I really like**

“The intellect engages us in the pursuit of Truth. The passions impel us to action.”
(M.Tullius Cicero, De Officiis)
This simple quote from Cicero explains the reason behind this first IFITT Doctoral Summer School. We believe that our efforts in research should be guided by a genuine pursuit of the Truth towards the contribution to knowledge in our community. It is also the deep passion for our work, together with the possibility of engaging and collaborating with our friends and colleagues from all over the world, in this quest for meaning that has guided us in the organisation of this event. We have been working hard to deliver this message across the IFITT Doctoral Summer School programme and we hope that this time spent in Bournemouth will allow all of us to generate new contacts, novel ideas and interesting paths feeding this passion towards the pursuit of the Truth.

**the collection of abstracts – Letters from IFITT Doctoral Summer School 2013 **

** the video we realised to taste the atmosphere at BU during these days **


Right before the summer school, I attended (even if only for one day) ICE 2013 an international conference organised at Bournemouth University “to debate the way in which we see, think and undertake events management research, pedagogy, policy and practice”. ICE 2013 was extremely interesting and it has been a real insight in to the growing body of research in events and leisure. I was so pleased to meet new people and old friends.

Besides the summer school and the conference I continued working on my research. I am happy that two of my last works have been (almost) accepted for publication.

  • Inversini, A., Masiero, L.  Selling Rooms Online: The Use of Social Media and Online Travel Agents. To be (eventually) published in International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.
  • Buhalis, D. and Inversini, A. Tourism Branding and Reputation in the Age of Social Media. In Tourism Management, Marketing and Development:the Importance of Networks and ICTs. Palgrave, Macmillan.

This summer I also had the possibility of travelling a bit. One week holiday in Giulianova (Abruzzo, Italy) few working (holy)days in Trieste (IT) and Porlezza (IT) and an interesting travel to Graz (AUT) as member of the advisory board of the European Project eTourism Framework.

Sunset in Trieste [Credits SaraP]

Fishing in Giulianova

Lastly, I am spending the first days of September crafting a new interesting research project, finalising the papers for ENTER2014 with my co-authors, preparing the InRuTou coordination meeting (end of September in Borzonasca – Italy) and, last but not least in my mind, preparing the new Marketing and Digital Communication course that will start in few weeks.

All in all a very busy summer… ☺

Pictures Destinations’ Similarity

Here the slides I have used for the webinar done for my friend Florian at University of Southern Denmark. The presentation is based on a paper written with my friend Davide

Flickr Destinations Similarity from inversia

Inversini,A., Eynard, D. (2012) Harvesting User Generated Picture Metadata To Understand Destination Similarity. Journal of Information Technology & Tourism 13 (4) 341-351.

Here my presentation of today’s Tourism Management Institute Hot Topic about Tourism Reputation in the Age of Social Media.


Tourism Reputation in the Age of Social Media from inversia

Proud to Chair the First IFITT Doctoral Summer School

Next July 8-9 2013, Bournemouth University will host the first IFITT Doctoral Summer School.


– Prof. Tim Unwin Keynote on “Travels in ICT4D from a reluctant tourist”

Academic Publishing Round Table (with Tourism Management, Journal Tourism Research, Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, Current Issues in Tourism)

Research methodology sessions on: (i) quantitative research methods, (ii) network analysis, (iii) netnography and (iv) mix methods.

– Surviving the PhD process and getting the PhD awarded

Quick links:

–> here the final programme:

–> here the call for abstract:

–> here the registration link:

I wish to see a nice buch of friends in sunny Bournemouth this July!