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Pictures Destinations’ Similarity

Here the slides I have used for the webinar done for my friend Florian at University of Southern Denmark. The presentation is based on a paper written with my friend Davide

Flickr Destinations Similarity from inversia

Inversini,A., Eynard, D. (2012) Harvesting User Generated Picture Metadata To Understand Destination Similarity. Journal of Information Technology & Tourism 13 (4) 341-351.

Here my presentation of today’s Tourism Management Institute Hot Topic about Tourism Reputation in the Age of Social Media.


Tourism Reputation in the Age of Social Media from inversia

Community Health Workers in Kenia

I am missing the wonderful week passed in Kenya working on my new book and assisting Isabella in her field work.

She is working on an extremely interesting project that aims at designing and implementing a mobile learning intervention that better connects community health workers and their and supervisors.

>> here the details of the project <<

During the week I have visited Makueni village and the Kibera informal settlement in Nairobi serving as “student assistant” 🙂

I am very proud of the few pictures I have taken during the photo elicitation exercise… 🙂

Now: this is very important. I need to go back to Kenya next year. We haven’t see any wildlife…I was looking for giraffes all the time from the car…but…


eTourism Lab welcomes Juho Pesonen at Bournemouth University.

Guest Lectures Time

Guest Lecture for the Sport Marketing course at Bournemouth.
Website Communication Model alway rocks!
Thanks to Lorenzo & Stefano for that! 🙂

Guest Lecture Sport Mkt