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Last day in Philadelphia

I’ve been hosted for half day @ the NLTeC lab in the new building of the Business School @Temple (Alter Hall). Really really really fantastic!!!

And I’ve met all the guys that were working there one year and a half ago. It has been nice to see them all.


Then we’ve been to Mixto (was it 12 & Pine??) with Kim, Marife and Chong. Really nice Argentina steak…


Tomorrow I am leaving eary to Boston to see Luca e Michelle…I look forward to meet them after so long time.


US custom office was really glad to see me again

US custom office was really glad to see me again yesterday! I was glad too: officers’ good abits never changes! 🙂

I am now in New Jersey (@ New Brunswick) for the conference Museums, Mobile Devices and Social Media. Tomorrow around 11 I will have my presentation about “what’s next, changing technologies”.

Then, a small trip to Philadelphia and Boston to see colleagues and friends. I missed so much US! 🙂


Thanksgiving in Philly

Thanksgiving in Philly with some friends. Amazing.



Finally…I was there!

Finally, Phillies are World Champions!!!

You Gotta Believe!

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ps. I. Never buy a cheap camera…NEVER!!!!!

ps.II. Nora…se c’eri impazzivi per la moltitudine di “umanità” che c’era in Broad Street stasera…

Let’s go Phillies!

Third World Series game at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia.

Phillies – Tampa 1:1

Let’s go Phillies!!!!!


Buses are always like this!! Philadelphia is getting crazy!!
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