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Guest Lectures Time

Guest Lecture for the Sport Marketing course at Bournemouth.
Website Communication Model alway rocks!
Thanks to Lorenzo & Stefano for that! 🙂

Guest Lecture Sport Mkt

New Book Out!

…and my dissertation is now a book..and as Lukas said is priceless! 🙂

Inversini, A. (2011) Cultural Destinatinations’ Online Communication and Promotion. Saarbrücken (DE): Lap Lambert Academic Publishing.

Ticino Travel Expert!

[IT] Prima collaborazione tra Ticino Turismo, ticinoinfo e

[EN] First collaboration among Ticino Turismo, ticinoinfo and

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White paper: Tourism Destinations’ Online Communication

>> DOWNLOAD from website

What are the most important contents and functionalities present on a tourism destination website? This research catalogues the content and functionalities of English destinations websites trying to understand what designers and/or destination managers must not forget while creating the website for their destination. A grid of 189 indicators organized in 6 different macro categories has been created for the purpose of analysing 120 destinations websites selected on

The research presents a set of contents that should be found on destinations websites and results indicate which contents are offered by English destinations websites.
[The research was conducted in 2010 therefore websites may have been changed in the meanwhile.]

By: Alessandro Inversini, Marianna De Pietro, Lorenzo Cantoni.

[Picture by mbell1975]

>> DOWNLOAD from website

Recent Publications – Pubblicazioni Recenti

Inversini A., Cantoni L., Bolchini D. (2011). Connecting Usages with Usability Analysis through the User Experience Risk Assessment Model: A Case Study in the Tourism Domain. in Aaron Marcus (Ed.), Design, User Experience, and Usability [Pt II, HCII 2011, LNCS 6770], Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg 2011, pp. 283-293.

Marchiori E., Inversini A., Da Col S., Cantoni L. (2011). Il passaparola online sulle destinazioni turistiche: di che cosa parlano i turisti?. FACEBOOK IN TOURISM. Le destinazioni turistiche di fronte al Social Networking”, a cura di Roberta Garibaldi e Roberto Peretta

Cantoni L., Inversini A., Lizzi G. (2011). Riviste… da navigare. Rivista del Turismo, 2, pp. 4-11, Touring Club Italiano. [PDF]